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Buying a Google Nexus One Unlocked is a Terrible Experience – Fixing It is Easy

TweetI have had my Google Nexus One for about a day. And I’m getting ready to box it up and send it back to them. It’s not because I don’t like the device – it’s kind of wonky in terms of UI, especially if you’re an iPhone user, but it’s still a very good device […]

Is Google Voice a Threat to SpinVox and Phonetag?

TweetI’ve been playing with my new Google Voice account now that my upgrade from GrandCentral is complete and so far I like it – it’s a good product and the improvements are great. I also like that the interface looks and feels more like Gmail and less like a webmail 1.0 interface. I’ve been a […]

Simulscribe – 1 Month of Free Service

TweetIf you’re thinking about signing up for Simulscribe, you can sign up using this link and we’ll both get a month of free service. Just thought I would pass it along to anyone who reads this blog and is curious about the service. Tweet

How Did Skype Get So Stale?

TweetThis is the first of a few (probably two) posts on voice apps. I’ve been using a lot of voice applications lately – Simulscribe, GrandCentral, Jajah, iSkoot, and Skype. Of all these applications, I feel that Skype is really behind the curve. I’ve been using Skype for a few years and it still feels to […]

GrandCentral Invites – I Have a Few Left

Tweet I still have a handful of GrandCentral invites available to distribute – if you’d like one, just drop me an email and I’m happy to send one your way. ***Update – Sorry, they’re all gone now.*** Tweet

Early Experiences Using Simulscribe – I Really Like It

TweetEvery now and then I find a service which, despite the pains of getting it configured, delivers immediate “ah ha” value from the first few times you use it. I have been using Simulscribe for about a day now and I think it’s great. Simulscribe’s basic value proposition is very simple. If someone calls you […]

Grand Central – I like the application but there’s one big catch

TweetI have been playing around with Grand Central for the last week or so. Grand Central’s basic value proposition is that they give you one phone number which you can then route to any other number you choose based on business rules. As a former Vonage subscriber, it’s very similar to the functionality that Vonage […]