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Early Thoughts on Riya Public Beta (Updated)

I have started to carve longer posts into short snippets and long body portions to make it easier to wade through some of these longer postings. I started playing with the Riya public beta last night and I am left feeling like I am missing something. I know that they are early on and are trying to build up the database of recognized faces and such, but my early thoughts are that the service asks a lot from me as a user and doesn’t necessarily give me a whole lot in return at the moment. I also worry about the privacy issues. That being said, I can see the potential for more value being created down the road.

I got a very nice email from someone at Riya clarifying a bunch of the questions that I raised — I am glad they found this post and were kind enough to respond. I think they have an interesting product and I poked it pretty hard because I think it has the potential to be really useful once it is integrated with more of my existing tools. It’s clear that they are working on a lot of the things that I want. The challenges of being an early adopter *sigh*.

I will keep an eye on Riya as it develops. It sounds like they are pointed in the right direction.

If you want to read more, just click on the continue reading more section. I wrote this late at night, so sorry if it rambles.

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Spurring PC VoIP Adoption – Are Headsets the Answer?

I am a big fan of PC-based VoIP products like Skype, Google Talk, etc. I find them really useful. However, I have found relatively modest adoption among my friends because you really need to have a decent USB headset to make the experience worthwhile. Why haven’t some of these providers (Plantronics, Logitech, etc) gotten together […]

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Sony Ericsson W800 – Overrated, but Still Good

After 18 months of trusty service, I finally retired my Blackberry 7100t. I recently acquired a new Blackberry 8700 for work, so I saw no reason to carry two Blackberries (even I have my limits). I decided to finally break down and get a phone that was more focused on entertainment. I was also curious to find out the current state of the art for entertainment phones, given that I have not owned a more entertainment-focused phone for quite some time. My overall verdict is that this phone is not nearly as great as advertised for edge case users such as myself, but that it is a really strong offering in the mobile entertainment space. There is still plenty of room for innovation, improvement, and enhancement.

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My Dashboard of the Future is Here Today: SugarCRM

I have been experimenting heavily with SugarCRM lately, both out of professional necessity and personal interest. I had noticed that I was not meeting my own personal standards for returning phone calls, responding to emails, keeping on top of to-dos and keeping my sprawling address book and contact data up-to-date. I have spent a lot […]

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