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Twitter and Facebook?

I was reading a post on AllThingsD about the Twitter+Facebook tie-up that wasn’t. I have been scratching my head since reading that post – it’s good reporting but I still can’t figure out why Facebook would want to buy Twitter. Twitter is building a very interesting community of users with very different norms from Facebook. […]

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Is Facebook Connect a Big Deal for Social Games Developers?

I’ve been thinking a fair amount about what Facebook Connect might mean for social games developers, particularly those who are building games that reside primarily on social networks and leverage the social graph provided by Facebook, MySpace, Bebo, and others. I’ve read a few articles of late, including this good one by Bret Terrill and […]

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Update – New Job, Returning to Blogging Soon(ish)

I’m finally emerging from a blogging drought / hiatus. I’ve had a ton of things going on, including starting a new job, wrapping up the Virtual Goods Summit 2008, and various other smaller side projects that demand my time. So now for the update… About a month ago I left Gaia Online to join Serious […]

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