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On Vacation

Friends and Readers, I should have posted this long ago, but I am on holiday at the moment, enjoying some time away from the office (but not from the world of technology). New posts will likely resume in late August, with a focus on the mobile experience in Europe for starters. Sincerely, Charles Hudson

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Linux — Coming to Consumer Devices Near You?

A recent article,“Electronics makers rally around Linux”, describes some of the work going on to make Linux more suitable for consumer electronics applications. In the interest of fair disclosure, I have friends who have investmetns in MontaVista Software. What could this consortium mean for consumer electronics products?

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Don’t Look Now, but Sprint is Making Money in Wireless Data

A recent article inWirelessWeek describes the great strides that Sprint has made in actually generating revenue from ringtones, games, and other consumer-focused data services. I am a big believer in mobile consumer entertainment and I am glad to see a carrier release hard data on the volume of transactions that these services are generating.

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