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Vertical Search Business Models – It’s All about Economic Transactions

For the past week I have been talking with a bunch of people about vertical search business models. I have a pretty bipolar perspective on vertical search; some days I think there is a business there and some days I don’t. After many enlightening conversations, my general thoughts can be summed up in the following […]

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Feb 8th SearchSIG Event on Classified Search

The last SearchSIG event I attended was really good and the lineup for this next event looks interesting as well. Presenting companies include Edgeio, Google, and Oodle with others to be added later. Sounds like a good list of presenting companies — it would be great to add someone from Craigslist in the mix. I […]

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More Thoughts on Click-to-Call

I was browsing this interesting article on click-to-call or pay-per-call or whatever you want to call it. I have always thought that integrating the telephone and fax into the mix would be key to getting small and/or local businesses interested in online advertising as a means of lead generation. It lowers the barrier of having […]

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Clearing Up Rumors on T-Mobile MDA and SDA Release Date

I was eager to find out when the MDA and the SDA smartphones are scheudled to launch on T-Mobile. Reliable sources had mentioned “the 19th” and “the 20th” as the launch dates. Those are close, but not correct. I called T-Mobile and here is what the representative told me about the official ship dates for […]

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Do I Need Wi-Fi on my Mobile Phone?

After more than a year with my Blackberry 7100t, I am thinking of getting a new phone. I am particularly intrigued by two new offerings from HTC that will be made available via T-Mobile. There are rumors and visual evidence that the SDA and MDA will be made available for pre-order later this week. Both […]

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MBAs and Tech – A Lagging Indicator?

There was an article on CNet about the increase in MBAs coming back out to Silicon Valley to look for jobs with start-up as well as established technology companies. When I graduated from business school, one of my mentors told me that “MBA interest in a career path is a lagging indicator” and generally a […]

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