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Living Through the Revenge of Capital

The last year has been a tough time to be a public or private tech investor or tech company CEO. We have spent a lot of time discussing the quantitative elements that have contributed to a pretty depressing environment for investors and operators – low gross margins, high burn rates, rising interest rates, high inflation, […]

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We Only Have 100 Points of Equity to Split Up

I have been investing in Pre-seed and Seed-stage companies at Precursor for the past five years and I come back to that conversation all of the time. While I am broadly supportive of all of the innovation that has happened in the early-stage fundraising market, nothing can change the fact that companies only have so much equity to dole out between investors, founders and employees. I’m watching this all play out right now and I’m seeing it cause a lot of heartburn for both founders and investors.

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Is Notion’s Potential Underrated?

I write this recognizing that it sounds crazy to say that Notion, one of the hottest, most high profile startups might be underrated. I’ve been thinking about my experience using Notion and I am beginning to think I underestimated how much of my workflow Notion could devour. The more I use Notion, the more I […]

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Easing Back Into Writing

My last blog post was over five years ago. A lot has changed since then – I started my own fund and have been pretty heads down focused on building out Precursor and supporting our portfolio companies. I didn’t make a conscious decision to stop writing, I just felt like there was so much good […]

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Evernote, Dropbox, Google Drive – The Fractured Way I Store Stuff Online

I’ve had this nagging desire to write about Evernote and the mess that is my online storage life for the last few weeks. I use the product every single day to take notes, scan business cards, and clip interesting things from the web that I want to keep for future reference. I have also paid for the Premium version for quite some time as the product delivers a lot of value and I feel good supporting them.

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Competing with B2B Systems of Record with a Mobile-First Approach – Disrupting Salesforce

App unbundling and mobile first approaches for B2B software are really interesting to me. Awhile back I wrote a post about unbundling LinkedIn. Lately I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about what it would take to compete with and ultimately dethrone Salesforce (or SugarCRM or Microsoft Dynamics for that matter) with a mobile-first approach.

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Early Thoughts on Lyft Line and Ridepooling

Earlier today I took my first ride on Lyft Line, Lyft’s brand new twist on ridesharing. The concept is simple – you as the rider get a discount on your fare in exchange for being willing to share your trip with another person heading in the same direction. My early experiences with Lyft Line have been good.

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Valet Parking Startups and Non-Consumption as the Real Competition

In the past few months I’ve met, read about, or been introduced to a number of companies that are working on solutions to make parking in cities a much easier experience for consumers. Most of these services are focusing on the SF and NYC markets, both of which are know for limited street parking, high […]

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