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Update – I’m Now an Advisor at Zong

I’m really excited to announce that I’m now an Advisor for Echovox, the company behind the very popular mobile payments service called Zong. I’m really looking forward to working with David Marcus and the rest of the team on their growth strategy. I think mobile payments are a really big deal for virtual goods companies […]

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Tech Silver Linings for 2009

I decided not to do a predictions post this year. My predictions for 2008 were reasonably good in my opinion, but review them here and make your own judgment. I grew up in Michigan and just got back from vacation over the weekend. My home state is in a difficult place right now, so I […]

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Interested in iPhone Games – Help Me Build a Great Mini-Conference

I’m fully consumed with a number of projects at the moment, but I continue to be absolutely fascinated by iPhone games. I’m in the very preliminary stages of thinking through what a half-day conference focused on iPhone games might cover and I’m looking for input from folks as to what you’d like to see covered. […]

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Facebook Connect and Amazon? Where’s the Value Prop?

I read this article on All Facebook summarizing the basic arguments put forth in a slide deck called “Portable Social Graphs – Imagining the Potential” from Avenue A | Razorfish. I flipped through the deck and didn’t actually find the argument terribly compelling. I’m pasting thoughts below (I left them as a comment on AllFacebook […]

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My Best Estimate for the Size of the Virtual Goods Market in the United States

Over the past week or so, a number of people have asked me if there is any good data that one could use to estimate the size of the virtual goods market in the United States for 2008. I haven’t seen too many published estimates that make sense to me, so I thought I would […]

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