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LinkedIn Q&A Feature – Interesting and Useful

I have been watching the development of the new Q&A feature in LinkedIn for awhile. Overall, I am very impressed by the way it works and think that it should make LinkedIn more useful for those who aren’t already aggressive users of the service. I have a few comments grouped around a few themes: Public […]

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Interview Post #1 – Eventbrite and “The Long Tail of Events”

Earlier today I had the pleasure of speaking with Kevin Hartz, the head of Eventbrite, a very cool company that’s making it easier for long tail event organizers to organize, manage, and promote their events. Awhile back I wrote another post about whether online invitations are broken or stale. Eventbrite is the first company that […]

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Coming Soon – Interview Posts

I have spent some time thinking about new things to do on my blog and recently decided that I am going to do more interviews with interesting companies. Starting later this month, I will post interviews/summaries of new companies that I think are working on interesting stuff. If you or a friend would like to […]

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MIT/Stanford VLAB Event on Young Leaders

I’ve been working with the VLAB team to put this event together. It should be fun and interesting. Let me know if you are planning to come by so I know to look out for you. MIT/Stanford VLAB presents “Young Leaders of Silicon Valley” Tuesday, January 16, 2007 Bishop Auditorium, Stanford Graduate School of Business […]

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