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Revisiting Twitter as a Social Graph for Games

About 3 years ago I wrote a short post about why Twitter was probably not a good platform for game developers to target. This was in the early days of Spymaster and other games that tried to use the Twitter graph in many of the same ways that social game developers were using the Facebook […]

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Auction App Store Chart Positions to Fix App Discovery

Application developers are spending tons of money on customer acquisition and marketing. Lots of developers continue to complain about how hard application discovery is and I’ve written some thoughts about why application discovery is a developer problem. I have a really basic question – why aren’t the application stores themselves creating in-store advertising inventory to […]

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3 Questions about Subscription Commerce

Like a lot of people, I think subscription commerce is one of the more interesting business model developments in the past few years. We’ve already seen a few interesting companies created, with more in the works. In looking at a number of interesting companies in the space as both a consumer and an investor, I […]

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Classic Parlor and Board Games Continue to Inspire Social Mobile Game Devs

Yesterday someone asked me the ubiquitous “what’s working in mobile social games?” question and I thought it was worth pointing out that a lot of the most popular games today outside of the physics genre (by reach and revenue) are social mobile versions of known popular board and parlor games adapted for asynchronous play on […]

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