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Why is WNP MIA?

In the days leading up to the introduction of wireless number portability, I remember reading dire predictions of mass defections from major carriers now that consumers have the ability to move their numbers from carrier to carrier. Thus far, the proposed avalanche of defections has been more like a flurry. Shouldn’t we have predicted that it would be much ado about nothing?

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Has the Zodiac Cracked the Code?

I have been taking every chance that I can to get some hands-on time with the Tapwave Zodiac and I have to say that it is a very impressive handheld gaming device. If the Zodiac proves to be a very successful device, it will fly in the face of what has proven to be the “secret sauce” for this industry — good software titles and a low-cost hardware unit.

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Treo 600 vs. Blackberry 7230 — You’d be Surprised!

I have a confession to make. After owning a Treo 600 (Sprint PCS CDMA Version) and a Blackberry 7230 (T-Mobile), I surprisingly returned the Treo 600 in favor of the Treo 600.

After reading Walt Mossberg’s article, which raved about the Treo 600, I expected to be blown away by the device and its capabilities. When you add in the fact that I had been soured by my last experience with an integrated phone/PDA from RIM, nobody was more surprised than I was that I ended up preferring the Blackberry 7230.

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