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Google Reader Privacy Kerfuffle – Why Passively Social Products are Really Hard

I’ve been following this kerfuffle over the security and privacy “mishap” over Google Reader’s shared items feed and their second attempt at rolling out some truly “passively social” features and functions and allowing you to see the items shared by other folks who are in your Gmail contacts. I find it hard to argue that […]

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Congratulations to Jason Shellen – New VP of Products at LiveJournal

My former co-worker and all around great guy, Jason Shellen, just announced that he’s going to be the VP of Products at LiveJournal. I know Jason had a ton of options in terms of what to do next and I’d have to say the LJ team is really lucky to have him. I don’t know […]

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Office 2.0 – Do People Really Want to Work Differently?

I’ve been reading a handful of posts about the modest penetration that web-based office applications have achieved thus far. Most of the posts I’ve seen either highlight the limited penetration that web applications have achieved as proof that they are a “failure” or use the same information to pontificate about why these web apps will […]

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Is Google “Knol” a Big Deal? Probably Not Yet

I was reading the official Google Blog about their upcoming “knol” product launch – “Official Google Blog: Encouraging people to contribute knowledge” yesterday. After reading this post, it sounds a lot like FUD to me. I’ve never really accused Google of FUD-slinging before, but this sounds like a pre-announcement of a product that still has […]

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TripIt Beta – Missing the One Feature I Desperately Need from a Digital Travel Assistant

I have been traveling a lot for work this month – I’m on track for something on the order of 25,000 miles in December. I have been looking for a better way to keep track of my various itineraries and travel arrangements. To date, paper has been the best way to go – I just […]

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Internet to Invade the Airways (Wi-Fi on Airplanes)

I’ve been reading a handful of articles, including “Internet to Invade the Airways “, about how Internet access is coming to American Airlines and JetBlue. I don’t fly American that often, so it’s not a big deal to me. For someone who spends a ridiculous number of hours in front of a computer, the prospect […]

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San Jose Mercury News – Out of the box: Valley companies dump cubicles for open office spaces

I’ve read two great posts on the future of office space configurations, namely this one “San Jose Mercury News – Out of the box: Valley companies dump cubicles for open office spaces” and this one by the CEO of FeedBurner. Both make strong arguments for open, flexible office spaces. I hate to lump these two […]

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chirpscreen makes screensavers fun

(Disclaimer: I went to business school with founder of this company and I think she’s awesome. This is in no way an unbiased review). I installed the chirpscreen screen saver application yesterday and I think it’s pretty neat. The basic idea is that chripscreen will replace your boring screensaver with information about the people in […]

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