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Three Questions on the Android App Market User Experience

Earlier this week I gave a short talk for Yetizen on how VCs think about the games market. One of the more interesting things that happened at the meetup was that one of the folks from Google gave a few quick tips on how to be more effective on the Google Android Market. That chat, […]

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Lessons Learned from Publishing My First Kindle eBook and Productizing Knowledge

It has been almost a month since I published my first ebook on the Kindle platform. It has been a really interesting experience and I wanted to post a few of my initial thoughts. Overall, I think it’s a really interesting experience and I’m likely to try to write another one sometime in the near […]

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Exchanging Digital Contact Info Is Still Awkward

I opened a Quora thread about why someone hasn’t built a dominant product or service in the digital business card space. And earlier today I read about how Bump is narrowing its product to focus on contact and photo sharing. I’ve been using a bunch of other products for digital business cards. Some of them, […]

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Where is the iPod Touch for Android?

Just wanted to make a quick note of something I’ve been wondering for awhile. While the Android hardware ecosystem has grown to include high-quality headsets like the Galaxy Nexus and Samsung Galaxy S2 and competitive tablet offerings, there isn’t anything in the Android lineup to compete with the iPod Touch. This seems really odd to […]

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Highlight and Making Passive Location Sharing Feel Less Creepy

I’ve been using Highlight for about a week or so now and I really enjoyed reading Eric Eldon’s article on his thoughts on how Highlight is creating serendipitous run-ins for him. I’d like to share some different observations on the product as well as a few things I’m struggling to figure out in terms of […]

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