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Mirra Personal Server — Do SOHO Users Understand the Need for Backup?

Ever since I read about this product in several of the post-CES roundups, I have been fairly intrigued by the Mirra Personal Server and its positioning as a backup solution for home computers. The logic for the Mirra product is pretty easy to grasp and its success in the marketplace will tell us something about consumer awareness about the need for backup.

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Gizmodo Article on Mobile Storage

Gizmodo had an interesting article on the way in which small form-factor storage is beginning to impact the world of mobile telephony (TheFeature :: You Can Take It With You). The author raises a few interesting points, but I think that his final sentence sums it up best — “I can’t wait to have something like that in my phone. I couldn’t tell you what I’d use it for, but isn’t that the point?”

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