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Is Google Voice a Threat to SpinVox and Phonetag?

I’ve been playing with my new Google Voice account now that my upgrade from GrandCentral is complete and so far I like it – it’s a good product and the improvements are great. I also like that the interface looks and feels more like Gmail and less like a webmail 1.0 interface.

I’ve been a Phonetag subscriber for over a year now and I think it’s a really good way to manage voicemail. The transcription is good enough and sufficiently fast to be useful. Now that Google is offering that service as part of an integrated Google Voice offering, does that signal the end of standalone transcription services like Phonetag and SpinVox?

I don’t think so. So long as you have to move your universe of contacts over to calling you on Google Voice to take advantage of the free transcription. While it’s an attractive feature and free if you’re willing to move to Google Voice, I’m not sure that everyone who wants voicemail transcription will jump on Google Voice to get it for free.

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