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The Five Ecosystems I’m Watching in 2010 (iPhone, Facebook, Twitter, AppleTV, and Google)

I’ve been thinking about doing a 2010 predictions post for this year. In lieu of doing one, I thought I’d highlight the biggest platform battles that I find interesting in the upcoming year: Facebook vs Application Developers I (obviously) have a vested interest in how this plays out given my work with Serious Business. Nonetheless, […]

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Does LinkedIn Want to Be a Part of My Daily Life? Facebook Sure Does

I use Facebook a lot (I do work at a company building games on the Facebook platform, after all). I also use LinkedIn a lot as well. Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about the differences between the two services. This is not a “will Facebook kill LinkedIn” type of post – I don’t think […]

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My Experience Using a Virtual Assistant – Part 2 (Scheduling Meetings)

A number of people have asked me how things are going with my virtual assistant, specifically what tasks I have her doing and how it all works. I thought I’d do a short follow-up blog post on how I work with my virtual assistant (who is really great, by the way), to schedule meetings. For […]

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Freemium Summit 2010 – An Event Focused on the Freemium Business Model

So, I’ve been really excited about the freemium business model of late. I’ve spent the last year or so trying to meet more entrepreneurs, funded and bootstrapped, who are interested in pioneering this model. In the process of these conversations, I’ve learned a ton and I’m now sufficiently inspired to actually pull together a small […]