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Yelp is Good

I have been playing with Yelp since July and I really have grown to like it. Part of the reason that I like it is that I haven’t seen anything really interesting (at scale) in the entertainment review space since Citysearch. Citysearch is great as a directory — if you want to find an address […]

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Windows Mobile 5.0

I have been a T-Mobile customer for awhile (by my standards at least) and I geeked out and went into a retail store over the weekend to play with the new SDA. I had hoped they might have an MDA lying around, but no such luck. The SDA was very slick but it violates my […]

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eBay and User-Generated Content

I have been looking at a lot of interesting companies lately, especially those in the user-generated content area. Video is one area that is showing rapid uptake — there are a lot of companies in this space vying to be the home for user-generated video. Some of them, YouTube in particular, appear to be really […]