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Sanebox Is Priority Inbox for Gmail Done Awesome

I’ve been using Sanebox for awhile and I absolutely love it – it has changed the way I use Gmail. I was very excited with Priority Inbox for Gmail when it launched, but it didn’t quite hit the mark for me – perhaps it would have gotten better if I had invested more in training […]

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Pinterest – Media Company or Commerce Company?

I would not consider myself a power user of Pinterest, but I do find the product really fascinating. And I’m really intrigued by how broad Pinterest usage is within my network – a lot of my friends from high school in Michigan and others who are not super active on Facebook or Twitter are very […]

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When Will LinkedIn Launch Their Own CRM System?

LinkedIn is still my de facto place for storing information about professional connections. But right now I mostly use it like a database – I go there when I need to look up someone or find a connection. I sometimes wonder why LinkedIn hasn’t launched more products and services that pull me back into the […]

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How Many Companies Can the Local Rewards and Loyalty Space Support?

Awhile back I posted a question on Quora about the opportunity to do a roll-up or consolidation play in the mobile SMB loyalty and rewards space. I’ve seen a number of interesting companies working on this problem but none has broken out as the leader. In my neighborhood it seems like every restaurant, cafe, or […]

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