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4 Reasons Why Android-First Strategies Haven’t Worked (Yet)

About three years ago there were a handful of companies that set out to build Android-first or Android-only startups. All of those, including the one that I co-founded, had a thesis on why focusing on Android first or exclusively was a wise strategy. With a few exceptions, most of those companies, including mine, have not […]

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Tempo, Sunrise and Why Calendar Apps Matter

I wrote an old blog post about the challenges for startups competing with core apps on the major mobile platforms. As is the case with many things, competing to replace core app functionality (email, calendar, photo, messaging) is a high stakes game with big rewards and lots of risk. And I’m not an investor in […]

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Wearing Wearables – Thoughts on the Current State of Wearable Tech

I’ve been playing with a bunch of wearable tech lately. I find it all fascinating and really fun as a window into the future. The picture in this post shows the four wearable devices that I play with the most – Google Glass, FitBit (I am an investor), Jawbone Up, and the Pebble smartwatch. Wearable […]

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