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OpenSocial – Is Opening Up the Answer?

TweetI’ve been reading a bunch of posts about Google and friends launching the Open Social. So far, my favorite posts are this one, this one, and this one. Overall, I am skeptical (are you surprised?) that simply “opening up” is the recipe for victory. A few thoughts arranged in some rough form. At the end […]

The Salesforce Venture Fund – Marketing or Profit Opportunity?

TweetI was reading this post about how Bessemer and Bay Partners are going to invest at least $25 million in companies building applications on top of the Salesforce platform. This is an investment strategy that I can (actually) understand. As I read it, based on this press release, the goal is to deploy a minimum […]

A Simple Formula for Developer Programs

TweetI’ve been playing with a bunch of personal homepage products (primarily Netvibes and iGoogle) and I’m kind of disappointed with what I’ve seen in terms of 3rd party applications developed for each platform. That got me thinking about what it takes to make a good developer program work. I think a lot of the lessons […]

Amazon Flexible Payments – Scary Good for Merchants

TweetI have to give Amazon credit – they’ve put together most of the things you need to assemble to make life easy for developers. They have a compute environment, bandwidth, affiliate products, an existing customer base, and a way to accept money. What more could a developer ask for from a platform provider? True cost […]