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The Frustrating Opaque Nature of iPhone 5 Battery Life

This is a really short post expressing a personal frustration of mine. I regularly carry two phones, an iPhone 5 and a Samsung Galaxy S3. One of the things I really like about my Galaxy S3 is that it gives me some insight into which applications I’m running are having the most impact on my battery life. I appreciate that the Android OS gives me that level of insight. I find the experience on my iPhone 5 to be maddening. I have no real insight into which applications on my phone are taxing my battery the most. The simple answer is that I know that things that are GPS or network heavy (Google Maps, Waze, Spotify, Pandora) can be heavy consumers of my battery, I have no idea how much my usage of a given application is contributing to my mediocre battery experience on my iPhone 5.

As a counterpoint, one of the things I really like about Onavo is that it gives me some sense for which apps on my phone are consuming the most data. Why can’t I get the same level of insight on my iPhone 5 when it comes to battery life?

And yes, I have spent countless amounts of dollars on Mophie, Maxboost, and other supplementary batteries for my phone. Rather than deal with the symptoms, I’d like to know more about the root cause of the apps that are draining my battery so I can do something about it.

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