How Not to Let BD Tank Your Startup

Just wanted to share this with my blog readers who don’t follow me on Twitter. Enjoy!

  • Greg Mand

    Charles…thanks for posting the slides. Great thoughts esp the distribution v licensing role.

  • +1 @Greg – I am not sure where these budding entrepreneurs will receive real “professional development” if not from those who have had the experience of actually taking an idea to a product to a business…and there are many roles that must be considered and evaluated to make that so. I served in a true BD role several times in my sales career, and it is exhilarating! The ecosystem seems to be evolving with the expectation that complex ideas can be communicated via 140 characters or in three sentences which mindset which for a generation elevated mediocrity to being good enough to win (e.g. having an idea makes you and entrepreneur).

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  • Kudavis

    Nice deck and insightful but I think this is very much the perspective of an app driven business and not a sales / BD driven organization. In cases of Zynga, FB, and Twitter companies are building great products for consumers and may benefit from 1 or 2 distribution deals driven by BD, as you discussed. On the other hand, this is quite different for BD/sales driven organizations which rely on BD to know the market, construct strategy, and execute sales. In that regard, these guys are instrumental in the entire roadmap, defining product, and getting deals done. So someone from a payments company, B2B enterprise, or ad services firm may have a different perspective.

  • Anonymous

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