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Yahoo 360

So I have been playing with the Yahoo 360 beta for about a week or so. Based on my experiences, the big exclamation point has put out a really good product for your average Internet user. Before I get into my analysis, I do have some of my beta invites available if you want one.

I don’t think I really need to describe Yahoo 360. It is basically a portal application that combines most of the social networking functions available today in discrete applications (photo sharing, blogging, group membership, music sharing, and friend lists) in a simple format. If you haven’t invested a lot of time and/or energy in any one discrete application (which I guess your average Internet user has not done — this probably doesn’t apply to power users), Yahoo 360 is a very good integration of basic functionality.

After playing with the application for about a week, I give Yahoo! a lot of credit for rolling out this product. Ever since the rollout of Yahoo’s RSS reader, they have been launching products that are much more innovative than reactive. I am just surprised that none of the other majors (excluding Google) has come out with a similar product offering. My guess is that this product will prove to be relatively popular with the Yahoo community once it comes out of beta. My only feature request is to please support external blogs!

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