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Why Gmail is Hard

This is my last Google post for the day. I have been using Gmail for awhile and I think it is a very great product. Webmail + keyboard shortcuts really is a compelling value proposition. Using Gmail has, however, made me realize how calcified my email usage habits are.

I will just focus on two quick anecdotal observations that I have about my own Gmail usage. First and foremost, despite the fact that I have about 1 GB of storage, I still have the compulsion to delete emails that I do not need. And, as Gmail likes to remind me, “who needs to delete when you have 1000 mb of storage?!” But my mind is still hardwired to the if-you-don’t-need-it-delete-it way of managing email. Not feeling the need to delete unwanted mail is a new concept for me.

Second, getting away from using the “sort” function on Outlook to find messages that I really need (using search in Outlook without the Lookout plug-in is an exercise in futility) has been really hard. I see the “search” box up in the lefthand corner and still find it hard to get used to that method of email usage.

Interesting thoughts on making the switch to the Gmail way of life? You can always email me at blog @

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