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Where is the iPod Touch for Android?

Just wanted to make a quick note of something I’ve been wondering for awhile. While the Android hardware ecosystem has grown to include high-quality headsets like the Galaxy Nexus and Samsung Galaxy S2 and competitive tablet offerings, there isn’t anything in the Android lineup to compete with the iPod Touch.

This seems really odd to me. The iPod Touch is kind of like a gateway drug for the iOS experience. Because the Touch doesn’t require a voice or data plan, it’s a device that’s accessible to teens, kids, or anyone else who wants a good iPhone-like experience without the cost of becoming a mobile subscriber. And I believe that those people who own iPod Touch devices are learning about the iOS experience and it’s shaping their expectations for touch-enabled phone experiences an it’s making those people trained in how iOS works. And the Touch allows developers on the iOS platform to reach an even larger pool of users.

If you have any insights into why there isn’t a popular PMP / iPod Touch competitor built on Android and marketed in the US, I’d love to her your thoughts.

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