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Two Web Applications I Wish Existed

I have no time to build or spec either of these, but I wish they both existed:

“Second Chance Job Market” – I clearly need to come up with a better name for this, but here’s the basic idea. At any given point in time I know lots of people who are looking to fill jobs. For example, person A is looking for PHP developers. They get 100 resumes and hire 5 of the 10 people who they thought were really good. Next month person B, who is friends with person A, has the same need. It would be great if there were some easy way for someone who just finished hiring people could help others they know who have similar needs in roughly the same period of time. Judging by what I see on my friends’ IM and Facebook status messages, there is a perennial need for certain types of folks and it would be great to be able to leverage the work of others who just went through the same process recently. This happens in an informal way today but it doesn’t scale. I don’t need it to scale to the web, but I do need it to scale beyond the number of conversations I can actively initiate in the course of a weeek.
Daily Personal Newspaper – I really really want a daily personal newspaper. What would that entail? Well, it’s pretty simple, actually. There are two main vectors in my life, work and friends. What I want is a homepage that brings in all of the most important stuff for me to know at any point in time. For example, this “personal newspaper” would obviously be able to bring in basic stuff such as Facebook friend feeds, Twitter status updates, Flickr photos, blog posts from friends, etc. On top of this, I would want some smart engine that could take a look at all of the things I care about on the web (my RSS feeds would give you a lot of good clues and tips) and surface the most interesting stories for me – think of it sort of as a personal techmeme. Third, it would be great to have something that knows my meetings and calendar and pulls in stuff that’s relevant given what I plan to do for the day – driving directions to all the meetings, news articles on the people/companies with whom I plan to meet and other stuff like that. Most of the current generation of personalized homepages are personalized in the sense that I can bring in content from around the web that’s interesting to me. I’m looking for something that’s a lot more personalized, actually.

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