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Three Blog Posts In Progress – Advice for Generalists, Why Marketplaces Rule, and Why Video is Tough

I’ve been really busy and sadly derelict in my blogging. I’m working on 3 posts that I’ll preview – if you have thoughts or info to contribute, let me know. Hope to get all three of them out in the next week or so:

1. Are you a “true” or a “new” tech generalist? It’s MBA recruiting season (for those with a more entrepreneurial bent, at least) and a bunch of folks have been pinging me with questions about the right entry-point (role, size of company, etc) for new MBA grads. I’ve done some new thinking about this and have been giving out slightly different answers if you’re a “new generalist” (new to a tech operating role in general) or a “true generalist” (someone who has excelled in generalist roles in tech in the past).

2. Why aren’t more people bemoaning the prospects for online video? If the largest video site on the Internet isn’t projected to do more than $100 million or so in revenue in 2008 with dominant traffic and leadership, shouldn’t we all be really concerned? Check out this brief article on how the head of monetization at YouTube just stepped down.

3. The marketplace is the best business model for the Internet. If you can become a marketplace, you should. Most of the biggest Internet companies out there are marketplaces (Google is an ad marketplace masquerading as a search engine. It’s also like a yellow pages company that can re-auction its inventory every time someone opens up the book). I have a few other ideas as to why this is THE (yes, I will say THE) business to be in if you’re on the web.

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