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The Motorola Q is No Blackberry

So I have spent the last two frustrating days trying to get my arms around the Motorola Q from Verizon. I am probably going to become a Verizon sub fairly soon and they sadly don’t offer the Curve. I can understand a device that doesn’t do everything well – that’s a lot to ask. But what about a device that doesn’t appear to do anything well. In almost every key category (battery life, email synchronization, calendar, voice dialing, and web browsing to name a few) the Q is inferior to the Blackberry. I don’t know whether it’s due to the wanna-be mobile OS that it has or the design sensibilities of Motorola. At least it’s a thin device.

Whenever I hear people champion the inherent value of “openness” I think about what openness hath wrought. I’ll take a closed, single-vendor solution from Blackberry or Apple where I know whose fault it is when my device doesn’t work over an open device that doesn’t get the job done.

And the guys at Gizmodo certainly don’t seem to feel that the new Q9m from Verizon is much of an improvement over the old black Q I’ve been using for the past few days.

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