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The iPod Touch as Training Wheels for the iPhone

I’ve had my iPod touch for about a week now and I absolutely love it, aside from the learning process associated with the touchscreen keyboard. I have to admit that I was very perplexed when I first saw the iPod touch – why would Apple need a phone-less, touchscreen iPod when most of the other models appeared to be selling well? After owning the touch for a week, it’s pretty clear to me that part of the logic for the iPod touch is that it’s a training wheels version of an iPhone. Not everyone is willing to just go out and plunk down money and change service providers just to get their hands on an iPhone without being able to sample the device first. My guess is that people refresh iPods more frequently than they refresh their phones and the iPod refresh decision is much simpler than the phone refresh one – buying a new music player doesn’t involve extending a contract, paying a termination fee, or any of the other issues associated with dealing with the mobile phone companies.

Now that I’ve had an iPod touch, I’m much more likely to rethink many of my initial qualms with the iPhone. I suspect that many other people who purchase and enjoy the iPod touch are likely to do the same. It’s a great wait to get people comfortable with the iPhone touchscreen interface without asking them to make the big move in changing phone providers.

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  1. Yep, totally agree. Playing with an iPhone for a month just mad me want an iPhone more. Part of it is how the Touch only has WiFi which is pretty limiting in terms of where you can use it.

    Similarly, the iPod Shuffle and Nanos are “gateway drugs” for full iPods 🙂

  2. Had I not been gifted my iPod Touch for free (yay!), I don’t know that I would have gotten one. There’s no question I really like it a lot, but it’s clearly missing some functionality. I dream of getting WiMax and having Internet everywhere. Maybe 3G gets you there okay, and maybe not. Regardless, I’m still not signing up for an AT&T contract…

  3. louis,
    I agree. Wi-fi helps but I would be happy with hsdpa or 3g. The touch is great but I would need to see a 3g iPhone before I would buy it.

  4. I like iphone touch , it certainly helps you get used to this high tech gadget. One thing i would like apple to work on is the video quality. With the price tag a user expects a lot much better quality playback video quality than what we have now.

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