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Seven for 2007 – Some New Predictions and a Look at 2006

It’s prediction time again. Before I jump into my new set of predictions, let’s take a peek at last year’s crop of predictions. Full text can be found here: 2006 Predictions – What was the verdict? 1. Windows finally makes real headway in the smartphone market. Verdict: I think this is more or less true. […]

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Seven Predictions for 2006

It is the time of year for predictions. I have seven predictions, ranked in descending order of confidence, that I would like to throw out for consideration. I will have a separate post reviewing last year’s predictions and perhaps a separate post on M&A combinations that might occur. 1. Windows finally makes real headway in […]

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Yet Another Set of Predictions for 2005

Everyone I know is making predictions for 2005. I figured I might as well do the same. Here goes (read the full post if you want the whole story):

1. Mobile payments become big
2. Home networking stands still
3. Web 2.0 becomes a dirty word
4. Open source is the only big story in enterprise software
5. People figure out blogging

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