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People I Know…

Every now and then it is nice to stop and reflect about the people we come across in every day life while working. A number of people who I know are workign on pretty cool and interesting things and I figured I would just take a post to document some of the cool things that people I know are working on. Here goes.

I don’t thinnk that I have done a “people I know” post in a really long time, if ever. This is basically just a random post where I talk about interesting companies/products that people I know are working on these days. Here goes:

TravelPost ( – A friend of mine and former co-worker started this very interesting site in the travel space. There was a very recent article about them in CNET (click here for the link). I am a huge fan of user-driven ratings sites and the like.

Trulia ( – Several of my business school classmates are working on an interesting new company in the real estate space. No need to say much more than that at the moment. Very cool integration with Google map data — check it out if you are in the market for a $1 million fixer upper in San Francisco.

Doostang ( – I plan to blog more about this later, but Doostang is like a combination of job referral site and social networking site. It basically allows you to post jobs that you hear about via email lists or word of mouth and share them with your extended network of friends and colleagues. I like the concept a lot and think that it is a good way for me to distribute all of the interesting jobs that I hear about.

I might do another one of these later this week or over the weekend. Just needed to do something to get myself back on the posting horse again.

If you are a friend of mine and are working on something cool that I did not post here, drop me a line and I will either update this post or make a new one.

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