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Paying for Yahoo! Mail Plus

I would like to add myself to the list of Yahoo! Mail Plus users who are eagerly awaiting an opportunity to beta test the new functionality available to beta testers. I knew I should have plunked down some money for an Oddpost account when I had the chance. As much as I love Thunderbird (and I love it a lot), I have been trying to wean myself off of desktop email clients aside from the one I use at the office. Gmail is a good product but I have heard such great things about the new Yahoo! Mail product that I am eager to test it and see which is a better fit for my needs.

Echoing the thoughts of many Y! Mail Plus customers, I would like to feel like being a paying mail customer offers me some benefits in terms of priority access to new features and beta programs if I am so inclined. I have been getting a few invitiations to secure a vanity Y! mail username before they are made available to the public, but this is less interesting to me than actually getting access to the new functionality. Even a date when Y! Mail Plus customers are eligible for the beta would be a huge plus.

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