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NewsGator — A Great Tool for Blog Enthusiasts

A colleague of mine, Mike Mettler, pointed me to a very neat tool called NewsGator. NewsGator allows you to subscribe to any RSS-enabled blog or newsfeed service and have the content delivered directly to you in your Outlook inbox. In addition, NewsGator allows you to publish to popular blog formats including MT, Blogger, and Radio. As blogs continue to move into user communities that are less technically proficient, tools like this will become increasingly important.

I am always excited when I see tools that make blogs more accessible and usable to the average user without sacrificing quality. Because so many businesspeople and individuals rely on Microsoft Outlook as their default view of their messages, a tool that is easily integrated with Outlook is a great idea. As all great software should, tools like NewsGator can take some of the complexity out of getting familiar with blogging and blog software.

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