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My Jajah “Ah ha” Moment

I am willing to try just about any new application once. If it’s interesting, I might even use it again. I have been scratching my head over Jajah for about a month — I really like the product but was having a hard time explaining to one of my friends why he should move more of his minutes away from Skype and toward Jajah.

Well, I finally had one of those “ah ha” kind of moments. I didn’t have a microphone or headset handy and needed to make a call. Sadly, there was no mobile coverage where I was. However, I was able to use a friend’s home phone to make a really important call. This model of being able to use the web to make a call and to use some other more convenient mode to receive the call is very liberating and something that is a lot harder to do with Skype. And releasing a stream of nifty looking VoIP handsets and headsets doesn’t get me all the way there — I like the idea of being able to use the “best available” means of receiving a call.

Oh, and I found the Jajah voice quality to be very good. Lately my Skype calls have had a bit of echo in the background.

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