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Looking for a Webmail-friendly Tickler Program

Today I had the pleasure of having a brief call with someone I really like (link to his blog here) and I realized it has been almost a year since he and I had a chance to really chat. Our conversation made me realize that what I really want/need is the equivalent of a tickler file for my email. What I really want is some easy way for me to keep rough track of when I last spoke with someone so that I can make a better effort to reach out to them before too much time elapses. Right now, I have a variety of tools that kind of work for this kind of thing (SugarCRM, Plaxo, LinkedIn, etc), but nothing that’s lightweight that allows me to keep on top of this kind of thing.

If you know of anything that works well for you, let me know — I am looking for something to help me out here. I have a good solution for taking care of emails that involves a series of labels in Gmail. I’m really looking for something that is more people (as opposed to email) oriented.

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