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Join the Top Smartphone Games Companies at the Smartphone Games Summit

Just wanted to do a quick post encouraging those of you who are interested in smartphone games to attend this year’s Smartphone Games Summit on September 24th in San Francisco. We’ve put together an all-star lineup of excellent speakers and panelists who will share their thoughts on what’s happening in the market today.

This year’s event will address a lot of the most interesting questions in the market today, including the rise of Android and what it means for games developers, the future of mobile social networks with the launch of Apple’s GameCenter, and interesting developments in the global market for smartphone games. We have a great list of confirmed speakers, which you can see below.

You can also save 15% by using the code CHUDSON when you register.

* Jason Oberfest, ngmoco
* Chris Williams, Playfirst
* Brian Morrisroe, Booyah
* Andrew Stein, PopCap
* Marc Gumpinger, Scoreloop
* Tracy Chan, ngmoco
* Jason Citron, Aurora Feint
* Si Shen, Papaya Mobile
* Stewart Putney, Moblyng
* Jim Greer, Kongregate
* David Helgason, Unity 3D
* Charles Ju, Playmesh
* Michael Chow, Newtoy
* Tomoko Namba, DeNa
* Akira Abe, Mixi
* David DC Collier, Pikkle
* Andrew Lacy, Tapulous
* Lee Linden, Tapjoy
* Hill Ferguson, Zong
* Ron Hirson, BOKU
* Michael Chang, Greystripe
* Aunkur Arya, Google

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