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Is Yahoo’s Taking a Break from M&A?

I was poking around on Wikipedia and came across what looks like a comprehensive list of acquisitions and substantial equity investments that Yahoo! has made since 1997. I am not sure that the table is accurate, but the trend is interesting. I took a look at the total number of announced deals (according to this table, at least) in 2005, 2006, and 2007 as of today. Here’s the tally:

2005 – 11 deals (Verdisoft, Ludicorp Research, Stadeon, TeRespondo, Dialpad,, Konfabulator, Alibaba,, Whereonearth,

2006 – 10 deals (SearchFox, WebJay, Meedio, Gmarket,, AdInterax, Right Media, Kenet Works, Wretch)

2007 – 1 deal (MyBlogLog)

Interesting to note that Yahoo! has only announced one acquisition this year. I wonder if this trend will continue. Could it be due to the internal changes going on at Yahoo? A diminished appetite for web 2.0 companies? Of just a random coincidence?

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