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  1. Hello, this is Isaac Keyet from Intense Debate. I'm in charge of the user interface, so please let me know any and all thoughts you have on it! We're truly happy to have you on board. Let me know if you have any questions.

  2. Thanks for posting, Isaac. I've been holding off on updating the comments functionality on my blog, but I'm excited about your stuff.

  3. Isaac, Two things I've noticed already: 1. The importer seems to not be working – I imported my old comments but they're not showing up elsewhere in my blog. Also, the links on the "Recent Comments" plugin on the right link to the posts but the comments don't display. 2. Does Instant Debate need to load a script for any page on which the comments reside? My pages appear to be loading a bit slower. Nonetheless, I like your product. Keep up the good work.

  4. i’ve installed intense debate but the comments don’t show up in my recent comments widget. why is that? can anyone help me….i’m new to blogging anyway… i need to learn plenty of things…..

  5. Intense Debate Comments system having wonderfull futures with dofollow comment system & give you access to social market, like facebook, twitter, youtube and much more, thanks

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