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Highrise – Sounds Really Interesting

Earlier today I got an email about 37signals’ new Highrise product. In an earlier post I complained about how I was in real need of a tickler-style web application for keeping track of people and to-do items that’s a bit more lightweight than a traditional CRM product. I am going to sign-up to use the product but I have to say that the pricing plan seems complex. I consider myself a “single power user” and there isn’t a good pricing plan for someone like me. I would like to store a lot of contacts in the system, but I don’t really have needs for data storage or for multi-user access. I’m not suggesting that the service should be designed for someone with my needs, but I wish there were a way to get a pricing plan that would enable me to manage and track a boatload of contacts without having to pay for mutli-user or lots of file storage.

Once I have played around with it for awhile I’ll pen a follow-up post.

Update: Since my riff about not having a power-user account, 37signals has gone ahead and made a new “Solo” account which sounds much closer to what I’d actually like. Now that’s what I call responsiveness!

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