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Google Contacts API Might be a Big Deal

As someone who spend a lot of time thinking about email and address books, I was surprised that the announcement of Google’s Contact Data API didn’t generate more interest and discussion. I hope to see two things (at a minimum) come about now that this API is available:

  1. Google Calendar Sync for Blackberry is awesome. I would love to see a similar service that would make my Gmail address book accessible directly from my mobile
  2. A decent structured address book for Gmail. Right now, the Gmail address book is a mess. It adds everyone with whom you communicate and is generally unusable.

There are lots of other sync-based services I’d like to see built as well. More on this later.

Comments (2) on "Google Contacts API Might be a Big Deal"

  1. not only google contacts but mobile google reader should also come up to speed and allow one to see items sectioned into tags (‘folders’) and have preferences one can change (e.g. to make items be listed as read, add feeds, remove feeds). google reader has become so important to me, it’s a big loss to see it watered down on the blackberry.

  2. Sipai,

    I agree – I wish Reader had the ability to enable tagging on the mobile version. It would be nice if search worked on the BB version of Greader as well.

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