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Freemium Summit 2010 – An Event Focused on the Freemium Business Model

So, I’ve been really excited about the freemium business model of late. I’ve spent the last year or so trying to meet more entrepreneurs, funded and bootstrapped, who are interested in pioneering this model. In the process of these conversations, I’ve learned a ton and I’m now sufficiently inspired to actually pull together a small event focused on what it takes to succeed with a freemium business model. Before I pull the trigger and announce all of the details, I wanted to ping the blogosphere and see if this seems like a sane idea. The basic idea for the event would be to pull together a one day conference / gathering focused on having some leaders in the space share data on what it takes to succeed using freemium business models and hopefully some cool lessons learned. The event will likely take place in March 2010 here in San Francisco, but I still have time to back out if this seems like a horrible idea. Two questions for you all:

1. Is this an interesting topic to you? Why or why not?
2. If it is interesting, which companies would you like to hear from on stage?

Comment away!

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