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Facebook Applications Fatigue – Am I the Only One?

I just checked my Facebook profile and noticed that I have over 20 Facebook application invites that I have yet to accept. I accepted the first 5-10 application invites I received but haven’t added a net new app in awhile. I was thinking of why this is the case and I think it’s because there are no so many apps that seem to take the “we’ll launch it and get users” that I’m feeling like I need some kind of filter or source to help me figure out whether most of these applications are worth adding to my profile. Adding them doesn’t “cost” me anything but I still haven’t felt compelled to add them.

When it’s all said and done, I think that the early Facebook apps won’t only benefit from the liberal invite restrictions — they’ll also benefit from the fact that they were early and people were enthusiastic about adding stuff to their profiles when the features were first launched.

If you want to read a good post on what needs to be done to better market these apps, I’d suggest you check out Dave McClure’s post here – it’s quite thorough. Would love to hear how others are dealing with the onslaught of app invites.

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