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Does the Blackberry Need a Better Browser?

I was on a plane earlier today sitting next to someone with an iPhone. One of the things I’ve been wondering a lot lately is whether RIM made a mistake by not investing more research and energy in making a better web browsing experience for the last few versions of the Blackberry. Whenever I talk to iPhone users, they spend a lot more time telling me about how great the browsing experience is than about how great it is to have iTunes or YouTube on your phone.

In the last few years, each successive version of the Blackberry has given me lots of new useful features, including the ability to handle multimedia content (video, pictures, and such). At the end of the day, I don’t use that stuff very much. Having a much better browser combined with the already awesome QWERTY keyboard would really help the Blackberry remain world class in the world of mobile web browsing.

Given that the iPhone and the Blackberry are two of the largest smartphone platforms here in the United States, it would probably be worth it for some browser team to build something great from the Blackberry – Mozilla and Opera both come to mind.

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