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Inbox 2.0 – I Think it’s Too Late to Matter for Social Networking (but fix them anyway)

I’ve been reading a few of these posts about Inbox 2.0 and the “Biggest Social Graphs” and they line up with some things I’ve been thinking as well. I’ve posted two blurbs recently on email and social networking – you can read them here and here. Overall, I do agree that email inboxes do contain […]

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Xobni and the Future of Social Networking Data

Earlier this week a friend of mine updated his IM status message asking his friends for thoughts on the future of social networking as he was getting ready to speak at an event on that very topic. I think that what the Xobni guys are working on is the future of where social networking is […]

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A Different Take on “How Portals Will Win the Social Networking Wars”

I read this post by Steve Rubel several times and I still don’t quite get the logic as to why portals will win in the social networking war. Google and Yahoo (in particular) have a lot of the components mentioned in these posts (IM, email, address books, etc) and it hasn’t translated into success in […]

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Yahoo and Zimbra

When I read about the Yahoo and Zimbra deal, I was pretty impressed. As someone who has used the Zimbra mail product before, I have to say it’s one of the strongest product offerings in the space. More than that, though, I think there are two really good reasons for Yahoo to pick up Zimbra […]

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Fixing Yahoo – Focus on Monetization not Developers

Read/Write Web is definitely one of my favorite blogs. Josh Catone has an interesting post this past week on how Yahoo should focus on building a socially-oriented platform as a way to pull itself out of its current funk. I like a lot of the themes in this post, but I’d like to offer a […]

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Yahoo Photos Out, Flickr In – Why?

Lost in all the hoopla around whether Yahoo and Microsoft should get together was the announcement that Yahoo will be shuttering Yahoo Photos and making Flickr the only photo product offered in the Yahoo family. This strikes me as a bold and strange maneuver. This strikes me as one of the largest, if not the […]

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New Yahoo Messenger for the Web – If it Looks Like a Meebo and Walks like a Meebo…

I just logged into the new Yahoo! Web Messenger, the webified version of Yahoo Messenger. It looks surprisingly (or perhaps not surprisingly) like the Meebo interface, with the exception of the advertisement panel featured prominently on the righthand side of the page. It also allows you to connect with MSN contacts, has an integrated search […]

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Is Yahoo’s Taking a Break from M&A?

I was poking around on Wikipedia and came across what looks like a comprehensive list of acquisitions and substantial equity investments that Yahoo! has made since 1997. I am not sure that the table is accurate, but the trend is interesting. I took a look at the total number of announced deals (according to this […]

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What I Would do with the Yahoo! Mail API

I was very impressed with the Yahoo! Mail API and all of the buzz that it has generated. First and foremost, I think it’s very clever how they have limited most of the really interesting functionality to those users who have premium accounts. They have also offered developers a referral fee for encouraging basic users […]

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