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Why Mobile Social Networking Isn’t Working in the United States

With the public closure of Yahoo’s Mixd and various press articles about Twitter, Dodgeball, Loopt and other products that incorporate some kind of social networking or group communications for mobile phones, I have been doing some thinking about why mobile social networking and group communications haven’t taken off in the United States. The easy answer […]

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Will Ning Help or Hurt the Social Networking Ecosystem?

With all of the blogosphere buzz about the re-launch of Ning, I thought I would go ahead and play with the tool and try to set up a new social network on the fly. I timed myself and I was able to create a very basic social networking application for residents of my hometown and […]

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Connecting Social Networks – I Just Don’t Get the Fuss

I have been reading a lot of posts lately, including this one on the O’Reilly blog about how great it would be if we could either a) federate identity across the various social networking applications that exist today or b) socially-enable applications (phone, IM, email, etc) that I already use. My hunch is that none […]

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