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Facebook Public Search Profiles and the Battle Between Users and Machines

Like a lot of other web pundits, I was intrigued by Facebook’s recent announcement that they will make very limited profile information publicly available via major search engines. I think this makes sense, especially as the people search market is continuing to heat up with PeekYou, Spock, Wink, and others. Before I get too far […]

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LinkedIn and Facebook – Unclear Outcome

I’ve been on vacation for about a week now, so this post is a bit dated. But I’m still going to write it anyway. I have seen a lot of folks saying that they’re going to abandon LinkedIn and use Facebook as the do-all and be-all social network for business and personal needs. After reading […]

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Facebook – The Next Commoditizer in the Making

Every now and then I grab on to a piece of data that takes a long time to digest. Awhile back I read a survey about how roughly 90% of search traffic originates from the main 4 search engines. Given that reality, there are 3 ways to cope: 1. Do a great job of optimizing […]

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MySpace and Photobucket Tug of War

In an older post I mentioned how I thought MySpace would start flexing its muscles and potentially making life harder of widget providers. Then I saw this post and this post about how MySpace and Photobucket are having a spat, with MySpace blocking Photobucket videos. From my point of view, it seems to me that […]

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How Facebook Could be a Player in Local Ads

I was looking at some old college stuff and came across an old Stanford directory from my undergraduate days. Aside from the heft of the book itself, I had forgotten how many local ads (coupons) there were in my college directory. There were pages and pages of coupons from local businesses who wanted to get […]

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Socializr Gamma – Maybe I Missed Something?

In an old post I kind of thought out loud about whether Evite was broken or stale. The verdict at the time was that it is just stale and probably doesn’t reach the point of qualifying as being broken. I heard that Socializr finally opened up open signups and went and checked it out. After […]

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Are You Tired of Viral Marketing?

In the last few days I have been getting a lot of invitations to sign up for new web services. After a few years of generally being a good sport and sharing the word, I have recently scaled back the number of services for which I am willing to create “viral” marketing by sharing it […]

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The Second Most Scarce Human Capital Resource in Silicon Valley

Everyone in the tech space seems to complain that great engineering talent (regardless of specialty) is the single most difficult human capital resource to find in Silicon Valley. Even before Google was gobbling up engineers, the general sentiment I heard was that hiring great engineers who fit a company’s culture is a really hard (and […]

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