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Who’s Afraid of Google? The Economist Missed It

As a former Googler, I saw the cover of the Economist with the big article about “Who’s Afraid of Google?” and I have to say that it wasn’t at all what I had expected. As someone who did work at Google for about 18 months and really enjoyed it, I was expecting a piece more […]

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Is Google Reader Google’s Best Social Application?

I read a lot of RSS feeds over the course of the day. I’m getting to the point where almost all the news I consume comes via RSS. I switched from Bloglines to Google Reader over a year ago and I think GR is a great tool. One of the common criticism I read about […]

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Amazon Flexible Payments – Scary Good for Merchants

I have to give Amazon credit – they’ve put together most of the things you need to assemble to make life easy for developers. They have a compute environment, bandwidth, affiliate products, an existing customer base, and a way to accept money. What more could a developer ask for from a platform provider? True cost […]

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Beta Testing CRMforGoogle

I have been beta testing the new Etelos CRMforGoogle application. Overall, I think it’s very clever – it gives you a very lightweight CRM tool that you can easily integrate into your existing Google Personalized Homepage. If I had not already made an investment in a particular CRM solution for my own needs, I would […]

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