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Seven Predictions for 2006

It is the time of year for predictions. I have seven predictions, ranked in descending order of confidence, that I would like to throw out for consideration. I will have a separate post reviewing last year’s predictions and perhaps a separate post on M&A combinations that might occur. 1. Windows finally makes real headway in […]

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Random Microsoft Musing

When the next set of Internet business histories gets published, I think that a lot of people are going to look at the time period between 2000 and 2005 and conclude that it was a really important time for the development of Internet businesses. Yahoo! successfully re-established its cool and remade itself as a media company. Google emerged as a powerhouse. AskJeeves somehow made itself relevant again. eBay just kept growing and growing. And AOL continued to slide. Who’s missing from this account? Microsoft.

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Tivo CEO Politics: My Way or Highway

I found this article while browsing for interesting commentary on the management transition on Tivo (thanks to PaidContent for the pointer). The article basically talks about the division between the Board and CEO regarding the direction of TiVo. I am a TiVo customer and fan and must say that I find the outgoing CEO’s logic to be the more compelling case.

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