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Thoughts on "Mobile Web: So Close Yet So Far – New York Times” in the Sunday NYT

I read this article (apparently I was late to the blogosphere party on this one) Mobile Web: So Close Yet So Far – New York Times in the Sunday NYT and I wasn’t really sure why this was news. As far as I can tell, the basic thrust of the article is that the mobile […]

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Why the “You Dont Need a Business Plan” meme is Crazy Talk

I’ve been reading a bunch of posts on how Twitter got funded without a business plan or a business model. I think the logic of these posts is largely true in only one case – if you’re an early-stage company in tech where you have lots of adoption, good growth, and attention from the “right” […]

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The Return of the Large Pre-Launch Consumer Web Financing

I’ve been clipping stories about companies who have raised fairly large (as in greater than $10 million) amounts of venture capital for consumer web services prior to launch. I am not sure that three data points constitutes a trend, but I noticed that Avvo in Seattle (link here), Powerset here in the Valley (link here), […]

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Private Equity Returns – Past Performance is a Good Guide

Lately I have been getting really interesting data and research papers sent to me by friends and colleagues. Here is another one for all of you data junkies out there. I found this one on the Private Equity Spotlight website. The article on page 5 talks about how past performance can be an indicator of […]

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Is Yahoo’s Taking a Break from M&A?

I was poking around on Wikipedia and came across what looks like a comprehensive list of acquisitions and substantial equity investments that Yahoo! has made since 1997. I am not sure that the table is accurate, but the trend is interesting. I took a look at the total number of announced deals (according to this […]

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The Lending Tree Model for Mobile Phone Contracts

Today, getting a mobile phone service agreement is a real pain. To me, it’s kind of like buying a used car — no matter what you pay, there’s always that nagging feeling that you’re getting ripped off or not getting the best deal possible. When you add in the fact that it feels like every […]

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Is International Traffic a Blessing or a Curse?

This is really more of a blurb than a post. I have been talking to quite a few folks in the market today who have really fast growing web 2.0 or mobile applications where a significant portion of the traffic, pageviews, unique users, and usage comes from the developing world. In almost every case, the […]

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Random Musing on the New York Tech Scene

After two full days at AlwaysOn Media, which was a lot of fun, I was reminded of one thing that I always notice whenever I leave Silicon Valley. In Silicon Valley, technology (life sciences, IT, clean tech, etc) attracts a disproportionate share of the top talent in the region. This is not to say that […]

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