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Bring an End to 90 Days of Crazy Deal Activity

This is a really short post.

1. Earlier this week we announced that Serious Business, where I have been the VP of Business Development for the past 18 months, was acquired by Zynga. You can read more about it here. It’s a great outcome for the team and I’m excited to see what the two companies will do together.

2. At the end of last year I sold my conference business to Alan Meckler and the team at WebMediaBrands. So far it has been a great partnership and we have some cool new events coming to market later this year.

I would not recommend trying to work on two meaningful transactions at once – it’s very tiring. As such, I’m taking a short break from work while I mull over the next steps. I have a few cool ideas of things I’d like to do and should be able to say more about my future plans shortly.

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