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Blackberry 8800 vs. Blackberry Pearl – I Kept the Pearl

I finally got around to visiting a Cingular store that actually had a Blackberry 8800 in stock. Normall I expect to be so entranced by a new Blackberry that I buy it on the spot. I went into the Cingular store with every expectation of wanting to buy the 8800. After taking it out of the box, holding it in my hand, and playing with the keyboard, I left it at the store. There were three reasons why it didn’t do it for me:
1. It was about the same size as the 8700 that I carry for work. The only really noticeable difference was that the 8800 was much thinner than the 8700.

2.  Now that I am fully re-adjusted to the SureType, I didn’t like the angle of the keys on the 8800. I saw no reason to trade up in terms of device side in order to get a full QWERTY keyboard.

3. If I am going to carry a device that large, it had better have WiFi and a camera. Otherwise, you’re just carrying a big PDA. The best thing about the Pearl is that it doesn’t look like you’re talking on a computer when you take a call.

If you switched from the Pearl to the Blackberry 8800 and want to educate me on why it’s a good idea, leave me a comment.

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